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Solar Batteries & Tesla Powerwall Ballarat

Effective Electrical Ballarat Solar Batteries & Tesla Powerwall

Ballarat's Leading Solar Batteries & Tesla Powerwall Specialists

Battery backup on domestic and grid connected solar systems can improve the value of any solar system. Batteries can be added to an existing grid connected solar system, included with a new installation, or have the system made hybrid ready for the future addition of a battery.

Matching the quantity of power usage and time of usage to the storage capacity of the battery is crucial to gaining any cost benefit. The electricians who design our bespoke solar systems for domestic or commercial installations have a comprehensive knowledge of how to build and install a system that economically and efficiently incorporates battery storage.

Understanding why purchasing a Tesla Powerwall battery or an alternative battery is easily discussed and the best battery solution found for every installation based on power usage, price and individual customer requirements.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage

Tesla has revolutionised the solar industry with its Powerwall product. Effective Electrical is an Accredited Retailer and Installer of Tesla Powerwall batteries. This premium product is specifically designed to fit easily and aesthetically into domestic solar installations.

Smarter than the average battery. The Powerwall is more than just a battery to store excess solar energy for later use. By using the Tesla app, you can monitor your energy usage to understand how and when you use your stored battery power. Even better, the Powerwall will learn how you use energy over time and adapt itself to provide the most efficient operation possible.

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