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Generator Supply & Integration

Generator Supply and Integration

Generators can be integrated into the existing power system of your residence or commercial building. Off-grid solar systems are not the only power supply that can benefit from the addition of a generator. Domestic homes or businesses in urban or rural locations which experience brown outs or black outs can have their power supply continue uninterrupted by the correct inclusion of a generator.

Effective Electrical has the technical knowledge and experience to advise customers on the best generator to suit their situation. Backed up by the equipment and installation skills of our trades team, the addition of a generator to any power supply infrastructure can make this utility viable.

Off Grid Solar Systems with generator integration provide a viable solution for seamless and continuous power supply. The size of the generator is crucial, it must be matched to the home design and the electric output required.

Generators for construction sites can provide portable, affordable and temporary power requirements where grid connection is not available or feasible. Again, matching the power requirements of the site to the generator supplied is essential for continuous power supply.

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