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Off Grid Design & Installation

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Ballarat’s Leading Off Grid Design & Installation Specialists

If you have a property that is not connected to the grid, and where you need a permanent or temporary power supply, Effective Electrical can design and install an Off Grid Solar System to suit.
The system is designed by our Electricians who specialise in designing this type of power infrastructure. Each site is inspected and evaluated with the current and future power requirements of the premises assessed.

The battery storage capacity coupled with a backup generator, ensures your power supply is uninterrupted. You are insulated against external events that bring down power poles or lines, which affect grid connected premises.

Compare the cost of an Off Grid Solar System against the costs for bringing a new power connection to your premises. It is often a very good economic decision to purchase the Off Grid system.

Why Choose Effective Electrical?

Effective Electrical has been an industry leader in the design and installation of Off Grid Solar systems for over a decade. We have provided off grid power solutions for corporate premises, warehouses factories, and Government owned infrastructure, along with farm and rural buildings, and houses.

We are fully licenced and qualified through Solar Vic and the Clean Energy Council. We are accredited retailers and installers for Tesla. Systems can include equipment such as solar panels, batteries, generators, regulators, inverters and monitoring equipment.

We design efficient power systems that are reliable in their ability to generate and store enough power to keep the premises fully powered.

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